- Pinka Group


• Business solutions dedicated to businesses and entrepreneurs!

• Soluzioni di business dedicate ad imprese e imprenditori


• Brand creation and management!

• Creazione e gestione brand


Public and private economic activities of all sizes can request our services directly or through MEPA certification. The name is Pinka Group. To request the activity code or the codes of our services contact us.

Contacts and requests for services


Some of our brands

• Guida Boh ®

The reference point for national fun and road safety h24.




• Network Realtà Virtuale

Union of Google certified professionals in Italy and worldwide specialized in virtual, augmented, mixed and 360 ° panoramic technology.




• Italia Tour Virtuali

Exhibition of virtual tours for free travel 24 hours a day in Italy and worldwide. Explore now many beautiful interesting places from the best known to the rarest.




• Virtual Tours World

Exhibition of virtual tours for free travel around the world.




• Medicina Veloce

The health system for outpatient specialist visits, to support the NHS to speed up waiting times for specialist visits.



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